Letter to my favorite aunt

8 09 2010

To my dearest auntie Violy,

You would always tell me how I’d always do well in whatever it is that I’d get myself into. When I was complaining about my last job, you prodded me to keep on because better opportunities would surface. And when I decided to resign to go back to the less rewarding job of teaching, you praised me for pursuing an honorable profession. Only this time, you protested about how busy I got that I didn’t even have spare time to comment on your Facebook wall or send you an email.

When you spent a couple of nights here in Manila before you flew back to Norway weeks ago, I didn’t have enough time to go around the mall with you and sis because I had work. At home, we didn’t get to chat much because I had to work on the paper I was writing for the colloquium I’m holding days from now. I told you that I’d make it up to you when I’d visit you in Norway this summer. You’d take me to Rome and Portugal and all the other places you said were beautiful. I even got you excited when I proposed to take my PhD in Netherlands so that I’d just be hours away from you and that we’d have more time to spend together, although you were clearly anxious about the idea that I’d expect you to take me traveling some more. I apologized that I didn’t give you enough of my time then. But you were very thankful simply because I still managed to see you off at the airport that rainy morning.

But now that I am excited to tell you how I’ve finally adjusted well to the challenges of my job and brag about completing that paper I told you about before, you are not here to tell me that you’ve always known that I’d do well. You’ve decided to take a trip on your own, like you always did. Only this time, you can no longer send me an SMS about how happy you are, because you have decided to move on for good.

My only reason not to be mad at you for cheating on me this time is that I know that you have now rejoined your younger brother, your mother, and your loving husband in a much happier and restful place. For I know that, even if you wouldn’t admit it, you were beginning to feel lonely and tired of your life in Norway. I remember how, only after a few minutes, I got so exhausted when I attempted to scrape the snow off the hood of your car and your doorway that winter afternoon in Sonsveien. Despite driving me around the whole day, you took the tools from my hand and did everything yourself. I was lucky, and sad at the same time, to have had the opportunity to have a glimpse of your life in Norway; after that, I only had greater respect and admiration for you because for many years you have managed to do well on your own. I was confident that you would get your rest soon, because we were already making plans about your comeback to the Philippines in the coming years. But perhaps God wanted another strong angel to be with Him.

I wish to thank you for being my stronghold in life. You took care of our entire family. You made us dream and even helped us achieve them. Personally, you made a lot of my dreams come true. And I am bound to live out more dreams because you have started everything for me. It only pains me that I could not share with you the great things ahead of me because you are not with me anymore.

It rained here tonight. How is it over there? Send my love to Uncle Ola, Uncle Moling, and Mamang. I’ll see you in my dreams and we’ll talk about our next trip, okay? I love you and good night Auntie Violy. Jeg elsker deg. Ha det bra.

Your favorite professor nephew.



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9 09 2010
cherry fe

jay, what happend? mark just texted me at 7am this morning. I thought that he was just playing a crazy april fools prank on me on a september morning.
will ninang be brought home? or there na siya with uncle?
hugs dear. This is very sad…

9 09 2010

Cheng, she passed on yesterday due to complications to her gall bladder operation. She was told by the doctor to go home only after two days after the operation; she had not recuperated well yet. She collapsed later after she got home. But na lang her housemate was there with her. They still got to bring her to the hospital, but she was already gone. We’re considering filing a case against that doctor and/or hospital.

We’re still debating about her remains Cheng. I know that she wanted to be with uncle, but that she also wanted to go home. I told Ruzzle to check her will.

Thanks much Chepeng. She was asking about you pa naman when she was here. Too bad you didn’t get to see each other anymore.

9 09 2010

I’m happy you got to meet each other before she left. We’ll truly miss her.

10 09 2010

i’ve had had sweet moments with aunt violy. im also saddened by herleaving. she will be missed. @->-

10 09 2010

She was so fond of you Macoi. Thank you very much for honoring her.

1 10 2010

dear rj,

accept my condolences. it is a profound thing to do- to write to your favorite aunt.

1 10 2010

Thanks Marvin. It takes a piercing experience to propel me back to writing. I will write again soon. Thanks again brother.

26 02 2014

awwww.. this made me cry… :(

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